Car Accidents in Nashville, TN

car accidentNashville is located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County, Tennessee. As the capital of Tennessee, Nashville is not only the most populated city in the state, but is also home to the Tennessee Supreme Court’s courthouse for Middle Tennessee, the Estes Kefauver Federal Building and United States Courthouse, in addition to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee. Nashville is also a central hub for healthcare, publishing, banking and transportation in Tennessee, as well as home to several universities and colleges such as Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University . Of course, Nashville has long been known as the birthplace of country music and is home to the Grand Ole Opry and countless recording studios on music row. As a result of all these activities and entities thriving in the area, Nashville is a fast growing residential and commercial market, with crowded and often dangerous roadways.

If you’ve been injured in car accident in Nashville or Davidson County, Tennessee you need to speak to a Nashville car accident lawyer who understands the law and the local court system. Unlike most cities in Tennessee, Nashville has 13 divisions of its circuit court which is the court in which personal injury cases are filed and heard before a jury. Every judge is different and, Nashville’s local rules of court can be a nightmare for the inexperienced trial attorney. With our firm, you will have a local Nashville attorney prepared to help guide you through the process, and if your case requires litigation, then your case will be handled by a local Nashville lawyer who has spent years successfully trying cases in Nashville Courts in front of Nashville juries.

The experienced car accident lawyers of Stephen A. Burroughs have significant experience in litigating all types of personal injury cases before the courts in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. They know and understand the habits and characteristics of the various circuit court judges and they understand how to choose jurors in Nashville who often have relocated from literally all-over the United States and from other parts of the world. If you’ve been injured in Nashville or Davidson County, Tennessee, don’t trust your representation to anyone else. Contact the experienced attorneys of Stephen A. Burroughs today at 865-525-3773.