Dog Bites and Animal Attacks in Tennessee

What should I do if I was bitten by a dog?

dog biteIf you are able, take photos of the dog and your injuries. If there are any witnesses, be sure to get their contact information as well. Call the police and have them prepare an official report of the incident. A vital piece of information needed is the name and address of the owner of the dog that attacked you. You will also need to find out the owner’s homeowner’s insurance information.

Dog attacks can be frightening for victims, with such attacks leaving victims severely injured or traumatized. Unsupervised pets pose a serious danger to the whole neighborhood. Because injuries from dog bites and animal attacks are preventable, property owners could be held liable for damages.

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Who is legally responsible for dog bite injuries?

Under Tennessee law, negligent property owners are potentially liable for injuries caused by pets. Even if the dog bite occurred outside the owner’s premises, owners still may be liable for the dog’s behavior.

Info About Dog Bite Incidents In Tennessee

People often fail to realize that after being involved in dog bite incident that causes a personal injury, they will definitely need an experienced injury lawyer to ensure that their rights are fully protected.  Insurance companies have enormous wealth and vast numbers of claims adjusters, all of whom have been trained to pay you as little as possible for your claim.  They also have teams of lawyers to help them reduce the value of your claim and to deny your claim entirely, if possible. 

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