Car Accidents in Jackson, TN

Car crash damage in the roadNamed after Andrew Jackson in 1822, Jackson, Tennessee sits along Interstate 40, about 70 miles east of Memphis.  Jackson is the county seat of Madison County, Tennessee and one of the top 10 biggest cities in the state of Tennessee.  Jackson, being an older and larger city in the state and being located on a major artery such as Interstate 40, certainly has its share of auto accidents.  Every year, dozens of very serious accidents happen in Jackson and Madison County and countless more auto accidents with lessor injuries occur.

If you’ve been injured in car accident in Jackson or Madison County, Tennessee you need to speak to a Jackson car accident lawyer who understands the law and the local court system. Every judge is different and, Madison County’s local rules of court can be a nightmare for the inexperienced trial attorney. With our firm, you will have an attorney prepared to help guide you through the local process.

The experienced car accident lawyers of Stephen A. Burroughs have significant experience in litigating all types of personal injury cases before the courts in Madison County, Tennessee.  If you’ve been injured in Jackson or Madison County, Tennessee, don’t trust your representation to anyone else. Contact the experienced attorneys of Stephen A. Burroughs today at 865-525-3773.