Car Accidents in Kingsport, TN

wreck discussionKingsport is located in upper east Tennessee, in Sullivan and Hawkins counties.  Kingsport developed along the Holston River after the Revolutionary War, but the fortunes of the area took a down turn after the Civil War.  However, today Kingsport is a thriving city with an economy that relies heavily upon manufacturing. With such an emphasis on manufacturing there is a lot of industry-related traffic in the area, which in turn leads to many significant car accidents each year.

Car accidents often inflict devastating injuries that can cause a person to incur to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and years of treatment.  You should not have to pay for an accident that was not your fault. A good Kingsport car accident lawyer can help you recover money from the insurance company of the at fault driver.

If you’ve been injured in car accident in Kingsport, Tennessee, you need to speak to a Kingsport car accident lawyer who understands the law and the local court system.  The lawyers at Stephen A. Burroughs are here for you, and our attorneys have been winning car accident cases for over 20 years. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to working only with the victims of accidents—never for the big insurance companies—and we understand the difficulties a serious accident can cause.  Call us today at 865-525-3773 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are happy to answer your questions to help you determine if you have a claim, and provide you with advice on what to do to protect yourself.