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5 Ways a Knoxville Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been in a car accident, you likely have many questions you need answered. You probably don’t know what a Knoxville auto accident lawyer can do to help you ensure that you are fairly and fully compensated for your injuries, but there are many aspects of a car accident claim that they can take care of for you, to help ensure that you get the best result in your case. From investigating the accident, to providing you with free assistance resolving your property damage claim, to negotiating a fair settlement, having a qualified Knoxville auto accident lawyer will ensure that you get the best results possible. Here are 5 ways our Knoxville auto accident attorneys can help:

1. Investigate the Accident

person handling papersYou may think the cause of your accident is straightforward, but that’s not always the case. A lawyer can gather all the necessary evidence needed to prove the other person was not only at fault for the accident, but also the evidence needed to prove that you were injured in the crash and to what extent. They will obtain the police report for you, obtain photos of the scene, locate and interview witnesses, obtain 911 tapes, police videos, and even have an accident reconstructionist assist in proving the other person was at fault, as well as assist you obtaining medical care.

2. Get Evidence of Damages

When you have suffered injuries from an auto accident, it is critical to create and obtain sufficient documentation of those injuries. A qualified lawyer’s office will help you ensure that you will have the documentation you need to successfully present your claim for damages, when it is time to resolve your case.

3. Deal With Insurance Adjusters

negotiationsAnother way a Knoxville auto accident attorney can help you is to deal with insurance adjusters on your behalf. Insurance companies want to make the most money possible, and the primary method that they use to increase profits is to try to deny and reduce the payments they provide on as many claims as possible. As a result, insurance adjusters will do almost anything they can to minimize the amount of money they are required to pay on your claim. A lawyer can use their experience and knowledge, along with the threat of litigation to ensure that the adjusters treat you fairly.

4. Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Knoxville auto accident lawyers are skilled at negotiating claims. They do it every day and are best equipped to argue on your behalf, because insurance adjusters also negotiate every day and are specifically trained to try to pay less than the actual value of all claims. These adjusters will use information you provide to invalidate or minimize your claim. When you use a car accident lawyer to negotiate for you, they will make sure you are fairly compensated.

5. Explain Laws and Regulations

lawyer talking with clientLaws and regulations can be confusing. For example, many people do not realize that using their own health insurance will almost certainly help them end up with significantly more money in their pocket, once the case is concluded. Some even refuse to use their own health insurance, which ultimately hurts themselves financially. However, all insurance companies have subrogation rights set forth in their policies, which means what they pay on your injury claim will have to be paid back to them, if you ever receive any compensation for your claim. An experienced Knoxville auto accident lawyer is familiar with the laws and regulations that pertain to those subrogation claims, and as a result can sometimes completely defeat such claims for subrogation, and in most other cases at least obtain a significant reduction in the amount paid, for the benefit of the client. That is just one example. However, laws and regulations impact many aspects of personal injury claims, and those laws and regulations vary significantly from state to state and are subject to change yearly. Having a Knoxville auto accident lawyer who is familiar with all of the pertinent laws and regulations that can impact your case usually proves invaluable in ensuring that you get the best possible result in your case.

These are just some of the ways having a lawyer can help you when you’ve been in an accident. Schedule a consultation with one of our Knoxville auto accident lawyers today to talk about your case.

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