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4 Ways Our East TN Lawyers Can Help You

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer who will take the time to listen to your case, give you expert advice, and fight for what you deserve, the Law Office of Burroughs & Capps is for you. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation until the final court ruling. Here are 4 ways our East TN lawyers can help you:

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4 Things to Know About Our Tennessee Law Firm

Dealing with accidents and personal injuries can be difficult and confusing, but you do not have to go through the experience alone. At The Law Office of Burroughs & Capps, we provide our clients with quality representation and the personal attention they deserve. The next time you or a loved one is in need of a lawyer, allow us to fight for the compensation you deserve. Here are 4 things to know about our Tennessee law firm:

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5 Ways a Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you were injured in an accident that involved a bus, you may be wondering if you have a personal injury case. You should speak with an attorney to learn if you have a legitimate case, and you will also find out how they can help you through the personal injury claims process. Here are 5 ways a bus accident lawyer can help you:

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wrongful death

What Our Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Do For You

Dealing with the loss of a family member is never easy. When the death was caused by recklessness or another form of negligence, it makes it even harder. If you are considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit, you should know more about the process and what wrongful death lawyers can do to help you. Keep reading to learn about what our wrongful death lawyers can do for you:

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6 Reasons We Are Some of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers Available for Medical Malpractice

You’ve been injured by a medical professional and are in need of a medical malpractice lawyer, but you have no idea where to start. You need an experienced team that has been in the business for years and knows what they are doing. If so, then our medical malpractice attorneys are likely what you’ve been looking for! Check out these 6 reasons why we are among the best personal injury lawyers for medical malpractice:

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Nashville Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you think you may have a personal injury claim, due to medical malpractice, you will definitely need to find a qualified lawyer to evaluate your potential claim. You may not know what you should be looking for in an attorney, and we want to share some of the factors you should be thinking about. Here are 5 things to consider when you are looking for a Nashville medical malpractice lawyer:

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3 Benefits of a Free Case Review With Our Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, had a loved one die due to someone else’s negligence, or experienced any other personal injury incident, you may be wondering what you should do next. You may believe you have a personal injury case, and you want to know if you have a legitimate claim. Your next step should be contacting a personal injury lawyer and scheduling a free case review to discuss your case and find out if it is valid. If you want to know how a free case review can help you, read about these 3 benefits of a free case review with our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers:

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bad faith insurance

4 Ways Our Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Can Help You

Everyone has probably had to deal with insurance companies, whether it was for life insurance, car insurance, or home insurance. Maybe something happened that didn’t sit quite right with you, or something the insurance adjuster said or did seemed off. This is where our insurance bad faith lawyers come in. These attorneys can explain if you have a lawsuit on your hands or guide you on what to do next. Here are 4 ways our insurance bad faith lawyers can help you:

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