4 Common Types of Wrongful Death Damages

If someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death case, we know the aftermath can be extremely hard for the friends and family of the deceased. While you’re mourning the loss of your loved one, you also have to unfortunately deal with the lawsuit that follows and collect the damages from the case. If you’re still a little confused about the types of damages you should be seeking, we can help. Here are 4 common types of wrongful death damages:

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testing and driving

What is Distracted Driving?

We all know about the most common forms of distracted driving, including actions like eating at the wheel or playing on your phone, but did you know there are three distinct types of distracted driving? The three categories distractions typically fall into are manual, visual and cognitive, and some distractions can impair all three. If you’re still asking, “What is distracted driving?” we can clear things up for you:

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two boats on the water

5 Things That Can Contribute to a Boat Accident

Last year, over 150 reportable boating accidents happened throughout Tennessee. These accidents occurred for a variety of reasons, including infractions by boat drivers, as well as issues with the vessels themselves. If you’ve bought a boat and you’re preparing for time on the lake with family and friends, you need to take all precautions in order to avoid any kind of mishap. Here are 5 things that can contribute to a boat accident:

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scary dog

4 Steps to Take if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog

Dog attacks are more common than you might think. According to research done by the CDC, 4.7 million people are bitten each year in the United States. Of those, more than 800,000 require some type of medical attention. These attacks can be frightening for victims, and can leave them both injured and traumatized. If you or a loved one has recently been bitten by a dog, our lawyers can help you through the process. Here are 4 steps to take if you have been bitten by a dog:

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people negotiating on a claim

7 Myths You Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims

You’ve probably heard several myths and misconceptions about personal injury claims and lawsuits. These myths and misconceptions can prevent people who have valid claims from filing when they actually should. If you’ve been seriously injured due to the negligence of someone else, you deserve to be compensated. Here are 7 myths you need to know about personal injury claims.

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What You Should Do if You’re Offered an Insurance Settlement Check

When you are injured in an accident, you’re probably worried about all of the medical bills piling up, your other bills you need to pay, and not being able to work. That’s why when an insurance adjuster calls you, you’re likely to take the first offer they send you because they know you’re stressed out and in need of money. But is it the best thing to accept their initial offer? We go in depth about what you should do if you’re offered an insurance settlement check below:

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medical bills

9 of the Most Common Personal Injury Damages

When you are injured and file a personal injury claim, you are seeking compensation for damages caused by the accident. These could include your car being damaged in an accident, you being unable to work while you’re hurt, and much more. Damages can be paid after coming to an agreement, or settling, or they can be awarded after a case goes to trial, though it is less common. You’re probably wondering what kind of damages you can recover, and we want to share them with you. Here are 9 of the most common personal injury damages.

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lawyer at a desk

5 Things to Look For in a Knoxville Wrongful Death Lawyer

After losing a family member due to someone else’s negligence, you may be thinking of filing a personal injury claim. You probably aren’t sure what you need to find in an attorney that will represent you and get the compensation your family deserves after a devastating loss. Here are 5 things to look for in a Knoxville wrongful death lawyer:

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motorcycle accident

Top 6 Injuries You Can Get from Knoxville Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents happen on the road no matter how careful you are. For motorcyclists, their bodies are more at risk because they don’t have the protection of a vehicle around them to take the brunt of the impact, which can lead to devastating injuries. Here are the top 6 injuries you can get from being in Knoxville motorcycle accidents:

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