car driving through puddles on road

4 Safe Driving Tips for Slippery Road Conditions

Too often, people adopt a cavalier approach to their driving. After years of driving without being involved in an accident, some people become disengaged and fail to take appropriate steps when driving. Often, people are more alert when the road is snowy, but it’s important to keep an eye out for any slippery road conditions. To help you stay safe on the road at all times, we’ve created a list of safe driving tips for slippery road conditions:

1. Stay Alert

First, drivers will want to exercise alertness regardless of conditions. Simply paying attention is enough to prevent a large number of crashes that occur every day, and distracted driving is increasingly being recognized as dangerous. Distractions must be avoided at all times, but the risks are even higher during slippery road conditions. You’ll want to stay focused on the wet roads at all times, as well as the cars around you. When the roads are slippery, it’s important to keep an eye on cars around you in case they suddenly brake or swerve due to road conditions.

2. Brake Early

cars driving in the rainOne of the most important aspects of remaining attentive is noticing the road’s conditions. Drivers often drive too quickly when the road is wet, and many underestimate how much a bit of rain can reduce traction. It only takes a thin layer of water to prevent wheels from contacting the road safely, and drivers must ensure that they brake early when the road is even slightly damp.

3. Turn Cautiously

Drivers should also be extremely cautious when turning on a wet road. Turning a car’s wheels causes forces to act sideways on the car, and slippery road conditions make it easy for the car to slide into a dangerous driving situation. It is important to avoid braking while turning and accelerate slightly once the turn is nearly halfway completed. Safe driving demands that drivers turn safely in all conditions, but the risks are greater when the road is wet.

4. Pay Attention to Leaves

wet leaves on roadOne thing to pay attention to, especially during the fall season, is fallen leaves. Drivers are often unaware of the dangers posed by one of fall’s most beautiful aspects: leaves. While watching the leaves change colors and fall is lovely, it also poses a hazard to drivers. Wet leaves, in particular, significantly reduce traction and can make braking far less effective. Leaves take longer to dry than the road, so drivers will want to be extremely cautious when driving on roads covered with leaves. In general, drivers should consider leaves to be as big a threat as water.

If you follow this safety tips for driving during slippery road conditions, you can significantly reduce your chance of an accident! With the right level of attentiveness and caution, drivers can ensure they drive safely throughout the year. In the event that there is a car accident, we want to make sure that you’re prepared. If you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll want to ack quickly. Here’s why you should act fast after a motor vehicle accident.