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4 Accidents That Can Lead to a Spinal Cord Injury

Over 10,000 people in the United States each year suffer from a spinal cord injury, or SCI. This type of injury can be very serious because it can damage the nerves in your body and lead to the loss of function or mobility. These types of injuries are most commonly caused by severe trauma to the spine, but can also be due to a disease. Here are 4 of the most common accidents that can lead to a spinal cord injury:

1. Auto Accidents

bus accidentAutomobile accidents are the leading cause of injuries to the spinal cord in the United States. A car accident can result in a sudden blow to the spinal cord and the surrounding tissues, especially if you don’t see the collision coming. When you are rear-ended, there is an added possibility of damaging your ligaments, discs, and vertebrae around your spine. The trauma that occurs with a car accident can cause vertebrae to break or become dislocated. If the injury makes its way to the spinal cord, it can cause significant damage to your nervous system, which is what causes the loss of mobility.

2. Physical Abuse

Violence related accidents causing spinal cord injuries have been on the increase for the past several years. According to the CDC, physical violence is the cause of about 16% of injuries to the spine. Oftentimes, this is caused by the trauma from a gunshot wound or a knife wound. However, there have also been many cases when other forms of physical abuse have led to either a complete or incomplete injury. A complete injury is when a victim has no sensation or voluntary movement below the level of the injury, while those who have suffered an incomplete injury have some feeling or partial movement.

3. Slips and Falls

slip and fall wet floor signA slip and fall can result in a partial or complete tear of the spinal cord, especially if the brunt of the impact is directly on your back. Anytime damage occurs to the spinal cord, it impacts how the brain communicates with the rest of your body. As a result, any damage to the spine can cause you to lose the ability to control your mobility. In addition to SCIs, falling on your back can damage the discs in your back, which can be incredibly painful and require long-term medical care.

4. Sports Injuries

Athletic competition has long been a source of traumatic spinal cord injury. Approximately 8.7% of all new cases of spinal cord injuries in the United States are related to sports activities. As you can guess, some sports are more likely to cause these types of traumatic injuries, including football, ice hockey, wrestling, skiing, and snowboarding. However, any athlete is at risk of a SCI if they fall or are hit near the spine. If you are an athlete who has experienced pain near your spine, it is important to report those injuries to the medical personnel team.

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