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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident in Tennessee

We’ve shared with you what you should do if you are in a car accident, but there are some things you shouldn’t do after you’ve been in a car accident. These tips will help you protect your claim, if you decide to file a personal injury claim after your accident. Here are 7 things you shouldn’t do after being in a car accident in Tennessee:

1. Leave the Scene

car accidentYou should never flee the scene after you’ve been in a car accident. Once you leave the site of the accident, it turns into a crime scene because fleeing is illegal. If you are involved in a car accident, you should stay at the scene, make sure the other people involved are ok, and call the authorities.

2. Fail to Call 911

You should never agree to settle the matter without contacting the police. After you’ve checked on yourself, your passengers, and the other people involved, you should call 911. The importance of calling the police is they will help determine who was truly at fault for the car accident in Tennessee. They will also file a police report, which is essential in proving fault in a personal injury case.

3. Forget to Exchange Insurance Information

car crashYou may be overwhelmed and not think about exchanging contact and insurance information with the other people involved in your accident. This is important because your lawyer may need to get in contact with their insurance companies in order to negotiate for you. Exchanging information should be a top priority after making sure everyone is ok and 911 is called.

4. Refuse Medical Care

Even if you are not seemingly injured right after an accident, you should be checked out by EMTs at the scene of your car accident in Tennessee. If you are not looked at, the other person’s insurance company could argue that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident even if they were. If you are checked out and don’t have any symptoms until days or weeks later, you should see your doctor as soon as symptoms arise to create a paper trail.

5. Admit Fault

cars in an accidentA mistake many people make after being in an accident is admitting fault. While you should make sure the others involved in the crash are ok and you should exchange insurance information, you should never admit the accident was your fault or apologize as if it was your fault. If the accident ends up being the fault of the other party, their insurance company could use your statement against you to help their client’s case.

6. Speak to the Other Person’s Insurance Company

Not only should you not apologize or admit fault to the other people in the accident, you should not speak with the other person’s insurance company. The company may reach out to you and try to settle for a significantly lower offer than you deserve. You are not required to give a statement, and you should speak with your lawyer and let them handle the insurance adjusters.

7. Not Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

lawyer and clientOne of the biggest mistakes you could make after being in a car accident in Tennessee is not contacting a personal injury lawyer. If you have been hurt in an accident, you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able. A car accident lawyer will help you by speaking to insurance adjusters, collecting information, and getting the compensation you deserve.

Now you know what you shouldn’t do after being in a car accident in Tennessee. Are you ready to speak with a lawyer about your car accident? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to set up a free case review.

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