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6 Things to Do if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident in Nashville

Being in an accident can be painful and scary, especially when you’re on a motorcycle. You may not know what steps you should take after being in an accident, and we want to share them with you. Keep reading to learn about 6 things you should do if you’re in a motorcycle accident in Nashville:

1. Call 911

person calling laywerThe first step you should take after being in an accident is make sure you and any passenger you may have are ok. Then, you should call 911. Do not wait for the other party or a bystander to call. Do not let the other person in the wreck convince you to handle the situation without the authorities, because this could significantly harm your case, if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

2. Seek Medical Attention

After you’ve called 911, the paramedics will show up at the scene. You should be looked at immediately, even if you don’t think you have any major injuries. In many motorcycle accidents in Nashville, injuries do not present until a few days after the incident. If this occurs, immediately seek medical attention. When you receive medical attention, you are taking care of yourself and starting a paper trail that will help your personal injury case. If you do not receive medical attention or significantly delay getting it, then insurance companies will argue your injuries didn’t come from the accident.

3. Take Pictures or Videos

person taking a picture of an accidentIf you are able, take pictures or videos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. This will start a collection of evidence and can be helpful in your personal injury case. These types of evidence can help determine who was at fault in the accident.

4. Gather Additional Information

In addition to taking pictures and videos, you should try to collect other information if you can. Getting as much information as you can up front will significantly help your case. Some of the information you should try to get includes:

•Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of other people involved in the accident and all eye witnesses
•Vehicle information of involved vehicles, including make, model, and license plate numbers
•Name and badge number of the responding officer
•The police report
•Insurance information from the other people in the accident

5. Do Not Speak to Others Involved

motorcycle accidentWhen people get in a motorcycle accident in Nashville, the first thing they might do is talk to the other person that was in the incident about what happened. If you plan to file a personal injury claim, you shouldn’t speak to the other people who were in the accident about who was at fault or how the crash occurred. Any statement you give could be used against you to contest your claim. You should also not speak to the liable party’s insurance, and only let your lawyer speak to insurance companies.

6. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

After you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Getting attorneys involved is important because they work in this field every day. Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers know what your next steps should be, and they can negotiate with insurance adjusters to make sure you get the damages you deserve.

Now you know what you should do after you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Nashville. Have you been in an accident and need help with filing a personal injury claim? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to set up a free case review to discuss your case.

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