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6 Examples of Nursing Home Neglect to Look For

When you place a loved one in an assisted living home, you expect them to be taken care of with the utmost respect and care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Whether it is accidental or intentional, nursing home neglect does occur. To stay diligent and be aware of the ones you care about, we want to share 6 examples of nursing home neglect you should look for.

1. Loss or Lack of Mobility

elderly person in a wheelchair facing a window with the blinds drawnOne of the red flags to keep an eye out for is loss or lack of mobility since it can be a sign of neglect. Typically, these facilities have policies in place to keep residents as mobile as possible for quality of life. However, residents may be left in their beds or wheelchairs for long periods of time, which can lead to mobility issues.

2. Poor Hygiene

Some elderly residents in nursing homes need assistance with daily hygiene tasks, such as brushing teeth or bathing. Examples of neglect in nursing homes can show up with dental issues or poor hygiene from lack of bathing. Your loved ones could appear dirty or be wearing soiled clothing.

3. Psychological Issues

nursePatient neglect could lead to psychological issues for residents. Some examples include fear of caregivers, anger, or a reluctance to open up to staff. The longer the nursing home neglect continues, other emotional issues could arise, including anxiety and depression.

4. Signs of Inadequate Nutrition

Another example of nursing home neglect is lack of adequate nutrition from not eating or drinking enough. Some of the signs to look out for include malnutrition, irritability, complaints of being cold, or hair loss.

5. Unexplained Injuries

elderly handIn some cases, examples of neglect in nursing homes can include unexplained injuries. These injuries could be a result of an accident or a resident purposefully hurting themselves or someone else. Some of the injuries to look out for include broken bones, cuts, and scrapes.

​​6. Unsanitary Living Conditions

If you notice that the living conditions in the living facility aren’t ideal, this could be a sign of neglect. You would see dust and dirt on surfaces, or linens may be dirty. You could also see signs of pests or mold, which are not ideal for residents.

Why Does Nursing Home Neglect Happen?

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While some forms of neglect do happen on purpose, quite a few of them aren’t intentional. The most common reason why nursing home neglect occurs is due to understaffing. With less staff members, the residents receive less attention than they may need.

Since nursing homes could be understaffed, their hiring processes may not be ideal. Each facility should follow a thorough screening process to check every applicant’s criminal background and certifications to ensure they do not have a record of neglecting patients.

Another reason why nursing home neglect happens is due to inadequate training. Any staff members that aren’t properly trained on policies could fall into patterns of neglect.

These are just some of the examples of nursing home neglect you should keep an eye out for. Do you believe your loved ones have been victims of neglect in an assisted living facility? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to discuss your case.

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