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Top 7 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Tennessee

Although many people strive to drive safely while they are on the road, accidents do happen. Unfortunately, these accidents can be pretty serious, especially when someone is on a motorcycle. There are a variety of things that can cause accidents that involve a motorcycle, and we want to share some of the most common with you. Keep reading to learn about the top 7 causes of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee.

1. DUI

Just like with any vehicle accident, substance abuse can be a factor in many accidents. The person driving a motorcycle could be impaired by drugs or alcohol, or someone driving a regular motor vehicle could be impaired and not realize a motorcycle was also on the road. Learn more about drunk driving in Tennessee here.

2. Speeding

Motorcycle accident

Speeding can also be a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Again, it could be because a cyclist is speeding through traffic and someone else driving a regular car or truck doesn’t have time to react. On the other hand, a regular motor vehicle could be speeding and not be able to slow down when they come up on a cyclist.

3. Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is almost just as bad as driving under the influence. It prevents all drivers from giving their full attention to the road, as it should be when you are behind the wheel. This type of accident could be caused by texting and driving, reaching for something in a vehicle, or general inattention.

4. Making Left Hand Turns

motorcycle accidentA leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee is left hand turns. Also known as “t-boning,” this type of accident is pretty common with motorcycles because they are smaller than other vehicles and less visible. If you are going to turn left, be sure you fully look before you pull out to watch for motorcycles.

5. Hazardous Road Conditions

Even if another person isn’t involved in a motorcycle accident, they can still occur due to hazardous road conditions. This could include potholes in the road, spilled gravel or other debris, or cracks in the pavement.

6. Head-on and Rear-end Collisions

motorcycle wreckOf course, a fairly common cause of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee is due to other drivers on the road. The most common ones are head-on and rear-end collisions. Usually, these types of accidents are fatal or extremely damaging to the person driving a motorcycle.

7. No-contact Crashes

Drivers can be at fault for causing accidents without even touching a motorcyclist. Some examples of no-contact crashes could be a motorcycle swerving to avoid being hit by a vehicle, a passenger or driver opening their door in traffic, or drifting into the lane that the motorcycle is in. You should pay attention while you are driving at all times and be aware if there are motorcycles around you.

Now you know more about the top causes of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee. You know what you should and shouldn’t do around these types of vehicles to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Have you been in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence? Contact one of our personal injury attorneys today to discuss your case.

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