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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Making a Personal Injury Claim

You may have an idea of the things you should do when making an injury claim, but did you know there are things you shouldn’t do? Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do when making a personal injury claim:

1. Exaggerate or Lie

lawyer talking with clientYou definitely should never exaggerate or lie. Many people do not realize that insurance companies will verify every single thing you tell them, in regards to your potential injury claim. They will examine photographs of both your injuries and the vehicles involved. They will obtain and review the crash report, medical records related to your current treatment, and review your prior medical records to look for similar complaints or prior accidents. Some people destroy their valid claims for current injuries by trying to hide prior accidents or prior conditions. The best bet is to obtain the services of an experienced injury attorney early on and let them advise you as to how to best address those prior issues.

2. Delay Getting Medical Treatment

Something else you shouldn’t do is delay getting medical evaluation and treatment. If you are injured in a vehicle accident, you should be evaluated by the paramedics that show up at the scene, or go to the ER as soon as your symptoms arise. If a doctor prescribes you medication or gives you recommendations, you should take those medications and follow the advice. No health insurance and unable to pay for treatment out of pocket? No problem, we can arrange for you to get the medical treatment you need to protect your health and document your injuries which will be needed to successfully pursue your claim.

3. Post about Your Accident or Injuries on Social Media

person calling personal injury laywerOne of your first instincts after having a personal injury may be to turn to social media to document everything. You should not post on social media if you plan on filing an injury claim. The other party or other party’s insurance adjusters can use anything you post about your injuries against you to try to shift blame. It is better if you stop using social media as a precaution until your claim is resolved.

4. Speaking to the Other Party or Insurance Adjusters

If you are making a personal injury claim, you shouldn’t speak to the other party or their insurance company, as they will try to use anything you say against you. Let your lawyer deal with the insurance adjusters.

5. Not Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyers shaking handsThe biggest thing you shouldn’t do when making a claim is to try to go it alone, without one of our personal injury lawyers to help you. As soon as you can, you should contact a lawyer to help you start the claims process. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year in an effort to ensure that you, and others like you, are not fully compensated for your claims. The insurance companies want to ensure that they have experienced well-trained professionals representing their interests, and you deserve and can easily have the same.

Now you know what you should and shouldn’t do when filing a personal injury claim. Do you want to contact a personal injury lawyer in Tennessee? Set up a free case review with one of our attorneys so you can get started on your claim.

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