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7 Things to Gather for Your Free Case Review With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chattanooga

If you have set up a free case review with a Chattanooga personal injury lawyer, you may be wondering what you need to gather. The initial discussion would focus on whether you potentially have a legitimate personal injury case, and to see if you and the lawyer work well together. To get a good idea about your claim, you should gather certain paperwork and information. Here are 7 things to have on hand for your free case review with a personal injury lawyer in Chattanooga:

1. Medical Records

doctor talking to patientOne of the most important things to gather up is medical records. This could include receipts and bills for your family doctor, a specialist, and the hospital. These papers help prove your injuries from the accident. If you can, be sure to get copies of everything related to the accident before your meeting. If you aren’t able to collect all of the medical documents, our team can help collect them for you during the claim process.

2. Receipts

There may be other kinds of purchases you have made related to your injuries that weren’t part of medical documents. You should also bring these so your Chattanooga personal injury lawyer can have a full record of how much money you spent on care after the accident.

3. Pay Stubs

filing paperworkOther important documents to bring to the meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Chattanooga are your pay stubs. These reflect how much money you lost out on while you weren’t able to work. This information will factor into how much compensation your lawyer will be asking the liable party for.

4. Police Reports

If you were in a car accident, boating accident, or other accident where a police report was filed, you should request a copy. This is one of the starting points for when our lawyers investigate your accident. These reports have your information and the other people’s information involved in the accident, as well as names of witnesses lawyers can contact for more information. Again, if you happen to not have a copy of the police report, our lawyers will be able to get a copy, but it is easier if you already have one to bring it with you.

5. Insurance Information

stack of paperYou should have your insurance policy handy for your initial meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Chattanooga. You should definitely gather your own information, and if possible, the insurance information of your workplace or the liable party involved in the accident. This kind of documentation could also include insurance policies and other relevant paperwork.

6. Pictures and Videos

If you were able to collect videos or take pictures during or after your accident, bring them with you to this meeting. Any physical documentation like this could be beneficial for your case. Pictures or videos could include injuries, the accident, or the scene of the accident.

7. Written Account of the Accident

person writing on paperThe more time that has passed between a meeting and the date of the accident, the less people remember. It would be beneficial if you write down a personal account of the accident, including what took place, what your injuries were, and anything else that seems relevant. This could help your lawyer during the case.

These are just some of the things you should bring with you to the free case review. Are you ready to set up a meeting? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga today.

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