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4 Signs of Injury to Look for After a Motor Vehicle Accident

After a car crash, chances are that your adrenaline will be rushing so you might not notice your injuries right away. Your brain will be racing a mile a minute trying to make sure you get everything documented so you won’t have time to focus on yourself. However, it is important to always get checked out after a car accident. While you may experience pain symptoms right away, these may also show up the next day or two after the crash. Here are 4 signs of injury to look for after a motor vehicle accident:

1. Recurring Headaches

headacheThis is one of the many symptoms to look for on the day following a car accident. While you may get a headache right away, you may not show signs of injury until later on. If you wake up to a splitting headache the day following a motor vehicle accident, this could be a sign of a serious injury. There are many things that can happen during a crash that can lead to a headache, including whiplash, neck or should tension, concussions, or something as simple as anxiety or PTSD from the crash itself. If you do experience a recurring headache after an accident, it is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

2. Bruising of the Skin

Bruises are caused by damage to your capillaries, which are the tiny blood vessels beneath your skin. Oftentimes, you will not experience any bruising until a couple of days after a car accident. While most bruising heals on its own and is not a sign of anything serious, severe car crashes can cause damage to internal organs. If your bruising doesn’t seem to be improving after the first couple of days after the accident or it continues to get worse, you should seek medical care just to be safe.

3. Soreness or Pain

back painWhile it is common to be a little sore after a car accident, you shouldn’t have overwhelming pain for a number of days. If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain, this could be a sign of a more significant injury. There are many reasons that pain could occur, such as stress, muscle tension, or tendon injury. While most of these are considered minor injuries, you should always have them checked in case of nerve or tissue damage. Some of the most common areas where individuals report pain after car accidents include the neck, shoulders, and back.

4. Ringing in Your Ears

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is common to replay the moment back in your mind for the next several weeks. Sometimes, people say they can even hear the sound of the crash for months after the accident. One side effect that can happen from the loud noise is something known as tinnitus, also known as a constant ringing in your ears. If you are experiencing this after a crash, you should visit a doctor right away.

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