child jumping on a trampoline in a yard

Home Safety Tips

There are steps you should take to make your home safer, not only for your family but also for visitors. The fact is that you can be held liable if someone outside the family is hurt while on your property, but you can avoid this dilemma by making the home safer from the front curb to the last blade of grass on your property line.

Trampolines are great fun, but they are also a never-ending source of injuries. When adding a trampoline to your property, inform your homeowner’s insurance agent that you have purchased one. If your child is injured while playing on a neighbor’s trampoline, you can trust an East TN lawyer to get all of the associated medical bills covered. If you have a trampoline on your property, limit your liability by installing a safety net, establishing rules for safe use and monitoring the children when they are playing.

You can control who walks through your front door, but anyone walking decide the street could come up to your front door and be injured while on the porch. Check steps regularly to make sure they are stable and in good condition. The best way to avoid dealing with personal injury law and liability is to ensure that your front steps are safe for people to navigate. In addition to checking the integrity of the steps, you should also ensure that there is a proper handrail.

The best way to look for home safety areas of concern is to take pictures of the home. Use the camera to photograph each room, and then look for areas that are an accident waiting to happen. It might be a collection of toys at the foot of the stairs, or an electrical outlet near a sink that is not GFCI rated. Note the problem areas and start correcting them to make your home safer.

It is vital that you make your home safer for the family and visitors. Not only will you avoid injuries for your loved ones, but you also won’t have to worry about the liability associated with someone else getting hurt on your property.