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5 Factors That Play a Role in Your Semi Truck Accident Settlement

If you have recently been in an accident involving a semi truck, you may be considering filing a personal injury claim. You may also be wondering about a potential semi truck accident settlement and what factors affect settlement value. Here are 5 factors that play a role in your semi truck accident settlement value:

1. Liability

commercial car accidentLiability is one of the aspects that is considered during a personal injury case. Your lawyer will investigate your accident to see what parties are liable. The truck accident attorney and team will gather pictures, eye witness statements, the police report, and more to get all of the information. Then, they will look through all of it. Is it just the semi truck driver who is at fault? Did you or some other party also possibly share any fault? Is it the company the driver worked for? Was it a part on the truck that caused the accident, and if so, was it overlooked by the manufacturer? There are several considerations your lawyer will make when it comes to cultivating your case for liabilities.

2. Damage to Vehicles

In most cases, a regular vehicle is totaled after being in an accident with a semi truck. When a vehicle is totaled, it means the cost of replacing it is at or exceeds its value. Everyone’s car is a different make and model, meaning that the compensation will be different based on your car. This information is important to have when it comes to negotiating compensation.

3. Medical Expenses

doctor adviceMedical expenses are something else to consider in your semi truck accident settlement. From the moment the accident happens, you should be aware of your physical condition and promptly seek evaluation and treatment of any injuries you have sustained. Generally speaking, the more treatment required for your injuries, the more serious the injury is considered. No matter what treatment you require, you should always report all of your symptoms and stay in treatment, until released by your physician. No health insurance and unable to afford to pay for treatment out of pocket? No problem, we can help arrange for you to receive the treatment you need. Call today for more information.

4. Lost Wages

If your injuries require you to miss work, we can also assist you with claiming lost wages as part of your settlement demand. “Lost wages” means the amount of money you have lost out on by not being able to work. Another consideration when it comes to wages is impaired earning capacity, which means after your accident, you are unable to physically do your job or the equivalent afterwards.

5. Pain and Suffering

man stressed with his head in his handsAnother aspect of the semi truck accident settlement that should be considered is pain and suffering. This isn’t tangible like wages or medical expenses. So it can be very hard to determine what a fair and reasonable amount would be, and having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to assist you will prove to be invaluable.

These are just the major factors that are considered for your semi truck accident settlement amount. Want even more information? Contact one of our truck accident lawyers today to set up a free case review so you can have your questions answered and move forward with your personal injury claim.

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