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4 Differences Between Car Accident Claims and Trucking Accident Claims

You may think that filing a car accident claim would be the same, regardless of if you were in an accident with a private driver or a commercial truck. While there are many similarities, there are some major differences between car accidents and truck accidents you should know about. Keep reading to find out 4 differences between car accident claims and trucking accident claims.

1. Trucking Accidents Typically Result in Worse Injuries

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While you can have serious injuries from any kind of auto accident, it is more common for trucking accidents to result in worse injuries than a car accident. Most 18 wheelers weigh about 80,000 pounds with a trailer and 35,000 pounds without a trailer. The average private vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds, which doesn’t provide much protection from a truck of that size. If a car is in an accident with a truck, the passengers in the car are more likely to have serious injuries. These injuries could include long recovery periods, as well as lifelong medical issues.

2. Multiple Parties Involved in Trucking Accidents

Car accident claims tend to be simpler because the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash is usually the only liable party. In trucking accident claims, there could be multiple parties that could be at fault for the accident. The driver could be at fault if he or she owns the truck, or it could be the fault of the company the driver works for. Other factors that could come into play with liability in a trucking accident include manufacturers, the owner of the trailer, who loaded the trailer, and the team that maintains the truck.

3. Investigation is Simpler in Car Accident Claims

car accident in murfreesboro TNIn any auto accident claim, there will be an investigation of the accident. Your lawyer will gather as much information as possible. He or she will use photos, videos, interviews, police reports, medical records, and other information to determine what happened and who was at fault. However, with truck accidents, the process is more extensive than with a car accident. Of course, all of these documents will be used in a trucking accident too, but attorneys have more information to sift through, including the truck’s black box, the driver’s hours-of-service logs, the truck inspection, and repair records. Since there is more to go through with a trucking accident, it takes longer to investigate when compared to a car accident.

4. Truck Drivers are Held to Higher Standards than Private Drivers

Drivers must know and obey the rules and laws of the road. Private drivers are responsible for following these rules and laws, and they are held to a certain standard. Truck drivers must also know the regular rules and laws, but they must also adhere to federal regulations that are specific to trucks and trucking companies. These drivers had to pass a test to acquire a special license, and they have a certain amount of hours they are allowed to drive in one day. Truckers may be liable for errors that private drivers wouldn’t be held responsible for. That’s why it’s important to have a trucking accident attorney in Tennessee.

Now you know how different car accident claims and trucking accident claims are. Both are complicated in their own right, and you shouldn’t have to navigate them alone. Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to speak with an attorney about your auto accident claim.

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