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9 of the Most Common Personal Injury Damages

When you are injured and file a personal injury claim, you are seeking compensation for damages caused by the accident. These could include your car being damaged in an accident, you being unable to work while you’re hurt, and much more. Damages can be paid after coming to an agreement, or settling, or they can be awarded after a case goes to trial, though it is less common. You’re probably wondering what kind of damages you can recover, and we want to share them with you. Here are 9 of the most common personal injury damages.

1. Property Damage

cars in an accidentOne specific type of damage people will get compensation for is property damage. This could be real property, such as a home, or personal property, such as a phone or jewelry. It could also include damage done to a vehicle if you were involved in an accident.

2. Medical Bills

With any personal injury case, you will be recovering damages for medical bills. These would include any surgeries, emergency room care, physical therapies, and more.

3. Future Medical Bills

In addition to being reimbursed for medical bills you already have, you could receive compensation for future medical bills. These could include therapies you need, doctor visits, potential surgeries, and more.

4. Loss of Earnings

Man in a wheelchair at an officeWhen you’re injured in an accident, you probably aren’t working. When you aren’t working, you aren’t bringing in an income. You can calculate your loss of earnings into the damages you’re seeking.

5. Loss of Future Earnings

Another type of personal injury damages you may ask for is loss of future earnings. If your injuries impact how you could perform duties at your job, you can be rewarded for loss of future earnings. You can also receive this type of damage if you’re incapable of working at all after the accident.

6. Pain and Suffering

Moving away from economic damages, there are noneconomic damages that are more difficult to calculate. The most common of noneconomic damages is pain and suffering. This includes physical pain from the accident and serious discomfort.

7. Emotional Distress

anguishEmotional distress only usually occurs during the most serious accidents. It manifests as psychological issues, including fear, anxiety, and sleep loss.

8. Loss of Companionship

Loss of companionship is another type of personal injury damage you can get compensation for. It means that if your spouse cannot provide you with the love, affection, and companionship you’re used to, you can recover damages for these losses.

9. Loss of Enjoyment of Life

The loss of enjoyment of life is a type of damage that means you suffered a physical or emotional injury that affects your ability to enjoy activities that gave you enjoyment before the accident. The activities can include hobbies, recreational activities, and social activities.

These are just the most common personal injury damages you can receive compensation for during a personal injury case. Have you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence? Speak to one of our personal injury lawyers today to discuss your next steps.

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