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7 Common Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if you have been left injured as a result. If you are planning on filing a personal injury claim related to your car accident, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do to protect your rights and your case. Here are 7 common mistakes car accident victims make that you should avoid:

1. Not Calling the Police

police carAny time you are involved in an accident, even if it is minor, you should contact the authorities. If you decide to file a claim, a police report is a necessary part of your case, so be sure you or someone else on the scene have called 911.

2. Not Gathering Evidence

Sometimes when you are injured in an accident, you are unable to gather evidence at the scene. However, if you or someone else who was in the accident or at the scene of the accident is able, you should take photos, videos, collect witness names and phone numbers, and any other information that could be useful to your case.

3. Not Getting Prompt Medical Attention

ambulance checking car accident victimsOne of the biggest mistakes car accident victims make in relation to a personal injury case is not seeking prompt medical attention. First and foremost, your health is important, and you should be checked out, even if you think you are fine. If at any point after your accident symptoms arise, you should not hesitate to be seen by a physician. The other party’s attorney could argue that your injuries, whether immediate or delayed, weren’t related to your car accident.

4. Sharing Information Online

In today’s climate, everyone wants to share everything about their lives online. This is a poor decision for car accident victims to make. Anything you post on social media could be used against you in your case. If you are concerned about forgetting details, write down anything you may want to remember on paper.

5. Discussing Your Case With Other Party’s Insurance Company

lawyer speaking with a client about car accidentAnother mistake we see car accident victims make is talking about your case with the other party’s insurance company. Legally you are not required to give them a statement or say anything to them about the accident or your case. You should only let your lawyer speak with the other insurance company.

6. Waiting to File a Claim

In most states, there is something called the statute of limitations, which means you have a certain amount of time to file a personal injury claim. In Tennessee, you have approximately 1 year from the date of the accident to file a claim pertaining to your car accident. You want as much time as possible for your attorney to work on your case, so you should not wait to file a claim.

7. Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

lawyer shaking hands after car accident Of course, the biggest mistake car accident victims could make is not hiring a car accident attorney to help them navigate this difficult process. You are trying to recover physically and emotionally from an accident, and that is the only thing you should have to focus on. By hiring an attorney, you can rest knowing a professional is taking care of your case for you.

By following our advice and avoiding these mistakes made by car accident victims, you can protect yourself and your personal injury case. Would you like to speak to an experienced car accident attorney? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers now.

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