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10 Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions when it comes to on-site job injuries. The jobs are typically physical and require workers to use heavy-duty equipment that could be dangerous, especially if used improperly. We want construction workers to be safe at their jobs, but errors do occur, so you need to be aware of the dangers that do exist and how a construction accident lawyer can help you. Here are 10 common types of construction site accidents:

1. Falls

construction site accident fallOne of the most common injuries on a construction site is falls. Workers are at risk for falls due to working on scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders, etc. Slips and falls are also a concern at construction sites due to the amount of debris on site.

2. Falling Debris

Another common cause of construction site accidents is falling debris. This could include tools that other workers have dropped, construction materials that weren’t properly secured, and more. Even when workers are wearing protective gear, they can still be seriously injured by falling debris.

3. Fires and Explosions

Many construction sites use flammable gases and chemicals while they are working. Exposed wiring, leaking pipes, or unsafe storage of flammable substances provide dangerous conditions that could lead to fires and explosions.

4. Electrocution

electrocution construction siteWhile the site is being worked on, there are exposed wires, unfinished electrical systems, and downed power lines on construction sites. These situations could result in electrocution.

5. Trench or Building Collapses

Other injuries construction workers could sustain while on the job could be due to trench or building collapses. Trenches are necessary during some projects, but they can cause the surrounding area to be unstable. These collapses can result in workers being buried in debris, trapped, or even killed.

6. Vehicle-Related Accidents

Construction workers are at risk for being in vehicle-related construction site accidents. Most of the time, these accidents happen because large equipment, such as cranes or backhoes, are backing out of a construction site, and the driver didn’t see other workers. Another form of vehicle-related accidents could be when workers are repairing a road, and a pedestrian hits a worker with their car.

7. Equipment-Related Accidents

construction site accidentIn addition to vehicle-related accidents on construction sites, workers could be injured by equipment on site. Heavy-duty equipment could malfunction and fail, causing serious or life-threatening injuries on the job. For example, if a saw doesn’t have protective guards, the workers could cut themselves.

8. Repetitive Motion Injuries

With construction jobs, workers may be required to perform the same motion over and over again. This kind of repetitive motion breaks down muscles and soft tissue, leading to limited mobility and pain.

9. Failure to Use Protective Gear

Another leading cause of construction site accidents is failure to use protective gear. Most construction workers must wear hard hats, safety glasses, brightly colored vests, and other protective equipment to prevent injuries.

10. Overexertion

person hurt back while working on a construction siteOverexertion is a common injury on construction sites. These areas and jobs take place in the extreme heat or cold. In hot climates, overexertion could lead to heat stroke, dehydration, or passing out. For cold climates, injuries could include frostbite or hypothermia.

Now you know some of the most common types of construction site accidents that can take place. Have you been in a construction site accident and were seriously injured? Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to discuss your next steps.

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