What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a form of law that protects you if you’ve been the victim of an accident and have received injuries as a result. According to this law, anyone who suffers harm because of the negligence of another person or company is due monetary compensation for his or her losses. The compensation package should include medical bills, lost wages, medication, and emotional pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney can help sort out a case like this.

Types of Personal Injuries

The realm of personal injury covers a wide variety of incidents and occurrences. A classic example of a personal injury is a person who slips and falls on a spill in a department store. This individual may be able to sue the department store for an employee’s failure to clean the spill. He or she might also collect compensation because the employee did not make a wet floor sign available.

doctor Another kind of personal injury is one that occurs inside of a medical facility. For example, a nurse fails to read a patient’s chart and gives him or her penicillin. The doctor outlined the patient’s allergy to penicillin clearly in the chart. If the patient experiences a dangerous allergic reaction, he or she can hold the medical facility responsible for such. Some other examples of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis, improper treatment, surgical errors, and failure to diagnose serious health conditions.

A personal injury attorney can also assist in automobile accidents, bar fights, home injuries, domestic violence incidents, and construction accidents. There is such a wide variety of situations that may qualify as personal injuries, that it is crucial for a victim to speak with an attorney to determine what they are owed.

One of the common places you see personal injury come into play is with workplace accidents. When someone is injured while working, they often legally forbade to bring a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. However, any type of medical treatment or disability that the worker receives through the state could fall under this category.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

The best personal injury lawyer will be an attorney who has a large amount of experience representing people like yourself. This person will have many years of experience, fortified by a high percentage of victorious cases. Additionally, he or she will have glowing reviews from former clients.

lawyerWhen you are dealing with personal injury cases, it can be important to get the matter resolved as soon as possible. For those situations, you will need a lawyer who is readily available to take your case. Not only do you want the lawyer to be approachable, you also need them to be sincere. When you suffer any type of negligence by way of another person, you are going to have a large array of emotions. In this type of situation, you are going to need a lawyer who completely understands the problem and is ready to help you in any way they can. Our lawyers at Stephen A. Burroughs will do just that!

Now that you know about the different types of personal injury law or if you need help with a case, you can check out our attorneys and firm staff today. Contact us with any questions you may have about your case and we will be ready to help! Let us help you resolve all your personal injury law cases.