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5 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect to Look Out For

When it comes time to select a nursing home for your loved one, the process can be stressful and disheartening. Everyone wants to make sure their elderly loved ones are being cared for and looked after properly when we can’t be there, but what happens when they aren’t? Nursing home neglect is a huge issue and the effects are extremely upsetting. In order to avoid this issue for your loved ones, you need to pay attention to warning signs. Here are 5 signs of nursing home neglect to look out for and when to hire a nursing home abuse attorney:

1. Poor Hygiene

One of the first red flags that will appear in cases of neglect is poor personal hygiene. Many nursing home residents need assistance in accomplishing everyday tasks, such as bathing, dental care, hair maintenance, and even getting dressed. When a nursing home is not properly meeting these needs, you’ll be able to tell by the hygiene of your loved one. Check their hail and nails to make sure they’ve been brushed and clipped recently. If they appear to not be well maintained, you need to keep an eye out for more signs.

2. Unsanitary or Dirty Living Conditions

wheelchairOne of the biggest signs of nursing home neglect is an unsanitary living space. Nursing homes are required by federal law to “establish and maintain an infection control program designed to provide a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment,” in addition to meeting state requirements for both safety and security. If your loved one’s clothing, bedding, or bathroom area is obviously falling short of sanitary standards, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

3. Development of Unusual Physical Conditions

Various physical issues can stem from nursing home neglect, including malnutrition, dehydration, and loss or lack of mobility. Development of these conditions can stem from issues like lack of oversight, understaffing, or lack of individualized care in nursing homes. Residents should be provided consistent, nutritious meals, as well as kept on a routine exercise schedule. When your loved ones aren’t remaining active with the help of the nursing home staff, they can slowly begin to lose their mobility. If they remain in bed for too long they may also develop bedsores and infections. Make sure you’re checking them for these signs on your visits.

4. Psychological Issues

elderly manNeglect at any age can cause major emotional trauma, and when an elderly patient is subject to neglect it may result in serious psychological issues. If the residents are afraid of their caregivers, they may be hesitant to speak up about the neglect in fear of punishment or resentment from the caregiver. Residents may also suffer from self-neglect, which includes refusing to eat, take their medication, or perform personal hygiene tasks. If your loved one has begun distancing themselves or is showing signs of psychological distress, it may be time to hire one of our lawyers.

5. Unusual or Unexplained Injuries

One of the more obvious signs of neglect is unexplained injuries found on your loved one. Broken bones, bruises, and head injuries are all indicators of possible neglect. These injuries may be caused by something as simple as residents attempting to walk unattended. Injuries related to falls are one of the leading contributors to deaths in nursing homes, so you want to make sure your loved one is always being properly assisted and monitored to avoid these injuries.

Do You Know Someone Experiencing Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect is a serious issue in homes all throughout the world. If you believe your loved one may be showing these warning signs or you have other questions about nursing home neglect, contact one of our expert personal injury lawyers today and let us help you!

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